Ribbon Bookmark


I got to make bookmarks with a lovely 5th grade class. It was so fun to teach them how to make this bookmark. This bookmark is a great use of your scraps and it makes a nice gift to add to a card.

bookmark base: Cut Basic Black 2" X 6".

Punch one end of bookmark base with Delightful Day Topper Punch.

Cut print paper 1 3/4" X 5 1/8"

Attach print paper to black bookmark base.


Cut 8" of ribbon.

You can add ribbon to your bookmark by pushing one end of ribbon through hole at top of bookmark and making a knot. The knot can add bulk if you are planning to add it to a card and mailing it.

This is how I add ribbon to my bookmarks: Fold ribbon in half and push loop of ribbon through hole in top of bookmark.


Then pull ends of ribbon through the loop


Pull ribbon ends to tighten the loop